We are a Global consulting company dealing in Aviation industry and in entire aspect of aviation business- business aviation, cargo airline, passenger airline, recreational aviation & defense aviation.

We are based in strategic locations in Hong Kong, United Kingdom & Netherlands to cater to our global clients in their requirement for aviation services. Our reach is global with direct access to World’s biggest capital markets for aviation financing in Hong Kong, China, United Kingdom and European Union.


We provide consulting services in following areas in Aviation Industry:
  • Cargo Aviation
  • Aircraft Acquisition (Sale-Purchase)
  • Business Aviation
  • Route Planning
  • Aircraft Financing
  • Investment in Aircraft
  • Aircraft Chartering (Cargo, Business & Passenger Aircrafts)
  • Aircraft as Asset Investment
  • Passenger Airline Business
  • Private Luxury Aviation
  • Offshore Investment Strategy for Aircraft Registration
  • Route Rationalization
  • Market Study (India, Middle East, Europe, Central Asia, East Asia, South East Asia markets)
  • Startup-Airline Advisory Services
  • Business Plan Preparation for Aviation Industry
  • Aircraft Dry Leasing
  • Aircraft Wet Lease (ACMI)
  • Crew Planning
  • Crew Recruitment
  • Strategic Consulting
  • Business Development
  • Channel Development (GSSAs & Online Portals)
  • Aircraft Asset Management
  • Lease Financing for Aircraft
  • Fuel Price Management
  • Fund Raising for Airlines
  • Online Marketing Strategy for aviation companies
  • Defense aerospace
  • Operations Planning
  • Civil Aviation Regulatory Issues
  • Air Operator License Acquisition
  • ERP & Management Systems for Aviation companies